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I will miss you all Empty I will miss you all

Post by JumboF on Mon May 12, 2014 8:29 pm

well this is the last time i will be in tis fc. i will stop by here and there to say hello's but im done. (im not afraid to call people out) so now i will write something about the ranks that i know.

I'm Polar: we had a rough start but youre probably the best rank we have. don has way to many corrupt ranks and happy we have you to fight em on! Very Happy. gl man hope everything goes well for you Very Happy

ryancttm: hope you enjoyed my giveaways:d you have a bright flipping future ahead of you. wish you the best:D

corvette: <----one of my fav cars js. i see you in the fc alot. one of the nicest people in the fc. hope you enjoyed everything from giveaway

holly: well like polar , we had a rough start , youre still not pleased with me so i figure your happy im leaving. gl with everything.

burshtashes: barely know you :/ wish we couldve talk more , gl!

rsrealm: youre a new rank and do so much for the fc! you have a bright future.

Don: the nicest guy ive ever met in rs. but you need to learn on how to stand up for yourself and dont take shit from people. you gotta give it to them. youre my bestfriend inr s and always will be! best of luck!

shorts279: ive seen you around a little pcing. good person , goodluck with everything.

blueops2: i love your jokes Very Happy

560m: fuck you whore.

b0tt0m: can't forget about you big boy. best damn rank we ever had, sad to see we failed you and you had to leave. i still love you :Dand i can't give u a loan anymore. ill explain why at the end of this

mrrkrispy: nice guy , won most of my giveaways always pcing and helping out. gl man!

JUAN: dw im basically cleaned like you :Dcleaned buddies?

sly: well you never liked me even after i try being nice. gl with anything your doing.

so i bet youre all wodnering why im leaving. well 560m accused me of scamming 40m which he had no evidence of and it was his word vs mine. don took the time to give him general and kick me from the fc. and i lost my rank. so the fact that i have to restart my rank again for the 2nd time, ticked me off enough to write this. i will be in fc a few times to say hello. wish everyone the best of luck. and don think about changes to the fc. we really need it...well you guys really need it.

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I will miss you all Empty Re: I will miss you all

Post by mr juan on Mon May 12, 2014 9:37 pm

Your not cleaned. I don't understand whats going on. Don't see why you were deranked not saying however that you should or shouldn't have been deranked.

mr juan

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I will miss you all Empty Re: I will miss you all

Post by RsreaIm on Tue May 13, 2014 6:45 am

Dont leave Jumbo... Sad


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I will miss you all Empty Re: I will miss you all

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