This might be a little late :/

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This might be a little late :/ Empty This might be a little late :/

Post by holly_wood87 on Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:54 am

Hey everyone. I know that I have not been around too much in the last few months, but I wanted to personally inform you that I shall not be returning to runescape. I still plan to stop by every once in a while because I care for many of you very, very much. So I guess this is my final goodbye post. I want to personally point a few people out that have really come to be close friends on this game. I'm sorry if i do not mention you, I just was never able to get to know you well enough.

Jim- Oh Jimmy Boy, we have had our ups and downs haven't we? You were so welcoming when i first joined the Friend's Chat. We were really able to bond over certain topics and we became, well i thought we were, best friends on the game. I have missed you Jim, and don't think for a second that you are the reason I left the game. I am just getting older and have more responsibilities that i need to take care of. I love this game, and if i can get on every once in a while i will try my hardest. I really appreciate all of the things that you have done for me Jim. You are such a kind and caring person, and i know that any gal that is lucky enough to have you, really, really deserves it. I want to log on one last time and dance with you for an hour, i only feel that it's right.  I will miss you Jimmy Boy. Please, stay in contact. Goodbye Jim

Charlie- I was just informed that you are leaving, i feel that our time here in the Friend's chat is no longer needed. We both put in a lot of effort and care into these people. We really did hit it off when we first started talking, it was scary how much we were alike. But it was so entertaining how we could talk for hours about anything and everything. You know more about me than some of my friends in real life do. I only hope that you continue on in your path of greatness and influence others in the same positive way that you influenced me. I promise you that i will keep in contact, you are too good of a friend to just let go. But as game wise,  Goodbye Charlie

Polar- You are a hell of a rebel polar. From the second i started talking to you, you were just a fire ball. You were always striving to be the best and to help people at any time that you could. To this day i consider you to be one of the top flippers in runescape. You helped me out so much when i first joined. You taught me how to flip, certain items to flip and to look for. You sure are in my opinion, the best fucking rank that this fc has ever seen. I hope that you have an incredible life and much success in the future. Goodbye Polar 

 When i got in the FC, i didn't even know what flipping was. I just saw a DP and wanted to join. But since i have joined this family, i have never felt alone. If i needed to talk about something, someone was always there asking if they could help. If you are new and are reading this; this is a family, we are all here for one another. I have learned so many important lessons here, and made so many incredible friends. Stick around and find out for yourself. This fc is the best fucking fc in runescape. I'll miss you all.

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This might be a little late :/ Empty Re: This might be a little late :/

Post by Flip Flops on Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:14 am

I'll miss ya ;( and have been missing ya for the last few months but life is more important than RS, I enjoyed talking to you a lot, one of the few people who ever had time to listen to me. I would like to say that yes you were the best friend I've had on RS. I wish we met a while ago >.>

I wish you good luck in life, will stay in touch Smile

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This might be a little late :/ Empty Re: This might be a little late :/

Post by Fishiezies on Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:50 pm

Bye Julie, I will miss you Smile Have a great life Julie.


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This might be a little late :/ Empty Re: This might be a little late :/

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